2010-11 Annual Report - Appendix 5 Legal Services Directions

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Appendix 5 - Legal Services Directions

The legal services directions reflect the obligations imposed on Chief Executives by the Financial Management and Accountability Act and emphasise the general requirement that Commonwealth resources be used efficiently and effectively.

Chief Executives are required to take responsibility for the proper recording and public reporting of their agency’s legal services expenditure. Proper recording will enhance the ability of Chief Executives to engage in decision making about legal resources that complies with their legal obligation to use resources efficiently and effectively. Making publicly available records about expenditure will enhance transparency. In accordance with the Directions, the CEO has certified that:

  • ARPANSA has appropriate systems and procedures in place to ensure compliance with the Directions
  • ARPANSA has no record of any alleged, possible or determined breach of the Directions by this Agency during the financial year.

Details of the legal services expenditure for the Agency for 2010-11 are provided in Table 14.

Table 14: Legal services expenditure by ARPANSA for 2010-11

Legal Service Expenditure (incl. GST)
Agency’s total legal services expenditure $280 740
Agency’s total external legal services expenditure $76 605
   External expenditure on solicitors $76 605
   External expenditure on counsel -
   Other disbursements on external legal services -
Agency’s total internal legal services expenditure $204 135


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