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EME Series Fact Sheets

Scientists consider EME issues

The information in the electromagnetic energy (EME) series fact sheets has been prepared to help explain the current thinking on mobile phone communications and health, and is based on substantiated scientific research.

EME Series No.1
Electromagnetic energy and its effects (PDF 86kb) | (RTF 289kb)

No.1 extract - "The weight of national and international scientific opinion is that there is no substantiated evidence that exposure to low level RF EME causes adverse health effects.... "

EME Series No.2
Australian Government EME program (PDF 82kb) | (RTF 248kb)

No.2 extract - "The increased use of mobile phones in Australia has generated public concern about possible health issues associated with electromagnetic emissions from handsets and base stations. " - "What is the Government doing?"

EME Series No.3
The WHO International EMF Program (PDF 51kb) | (RTF 385kb)

No.3 extract - "ARPANSA in its role as a WHO Collaborating Centre aims to reinforce the work of WHO in investigating the health effects of EMF"

EME Series No.4
About the ARPANSA radiofrequency radiation exposure Standard (PDF 104kb) | (RTF 517kb)

No.4 extract - "The ARPANSA Standard contains mandatory limits of human exposure to radiofrequency (RF) fields in the frequency range 3 kHz to 300 GHz. These must be applied in association with specified risk management practices...."

EME Series No.5
About mobile phones (PDF 59kb) | (RTF 343kb)

No.5 extract - " Mobile phones are low powered devices that transmit and receive radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic energy (EME) signals from mobile phone base stations..."

EME Series No.6
About mobile phone networks (PDF 61kb) | (RTF 833kb)

No.6 extract - "When a call is made in Australia from a mobile phone, the network allocates the call to an available RF channel (or carrier frequency) within ..."

EME Series No.7
What about using a mobile phone while driving (PDF 55kb) | (RTF 371kb)

No.7 extract - "Research has shown that driving a vehicle while using a hand-held mobile phone can increase the risk of being involved in a road accident, ..."

EME Series No.8
Potential interference of mobile phones with pacemakers, hearing aids and other devices
(PDF 189kb) | (RTF 245kb)

No.8 extract - "Interference may be caused by the transmitted radio signal from the phone, when the phone is held in close proximity to the implanted device ..."

EME Series No.9
What about base stations and telecommunications towers - are there any health effects?
(PDF 62kb) | (RTF 1,070kb)

No.9 extract - "The weight of national and international scientific opinion is that there is no substantiated evidence that RF emissions associated with living near a mobile phone base station or telecommunications tower poses a health risk ..."

EME Series No.10
What about broadcast towers - are there any health effects? (PDF 66kb) | (RTF 1,530kb)

No.10 extract - "Broadcast towers are used for transmitting a range of services including AM and FM radio and UHF, VHF and digital television".

EME Series No.11
Mobile phones and children (PDF 58kb) | (RTF 386kb)

No.11 extract - "Community concern has been expressed with regard to mobile telephone use by children. At present, there is insufficient evidence ..."

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