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Impact of Radioactivity on the Public and the Environment

ARPANSA maintains scientific expertise, measurement facilities and analysis tools to provide measurement both in the field and in the laboratory.

Two NATA accredited laboratories (RAS-Radioanalytical Services and CRL-CTBT Radionuclide Laboratory) maintain the capability to measure and analyse radionuclides in the environment.

Mathematical modelling tools are used to enable the assessment of the impact of radionulclides on the environment, humans and non-human organisms. These impacts could arise both from naturally occurring and anthropogenic sources. ARPANSA has been involved in conducting environmental impact assessments, dose assessment and the development of models. ARPANSA is involved in international programs such as - Environmental Modelling for Radiation Safety (EMRAS) - and provides input to codes of practice and safety guides.

Further reading

You may be interested in these technical reports which can be downloaded from our technical report web page and these scientific papers which have been published in the scientific journals listed.

ARPANSA technical reports

ARPANSA/TR149, August 2008
Title: Environmental Radioactivity Monitoring in Australia 2005 and 2006
Author: Liesel Hardege

ARPANSA/TR148, August 2008
Title: The Radioactive Content of Some Australian Drinking Waters
Authors: Stephen Long, Sandra Sdraulig, Liesel Hardege and Jane McLeish

ARPANSA/TR143, October 2005
Title: Environmental Radioactivity Monitoring in Australia 2003 and 2004
Author: Liesel Hardege

Journal articles

Title: Assessment of intakes of mixtures of radionuclides
Journal: Radiation Protection Dosimetry 105 (1-4):95-100, 2003
Author: R.S. O’Brien

Title: Radon exhalation rates and gamma doses from ceramic tiles
Journal: Health Physics 75 (6): 630-639, 1998.
Author: R.S. O’Brien


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