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Australian Month-to-date UV Index Reports

ARPANSA maintains a network of dataloggers situated in major Australian cities and in the Australian Antarctic territories. These dataloggers continuously record the solar ultraviolet radiation (UVR) levels at each site. This data is available as UV Index values and graphs.

This page shows a list of Australian cities for which month-to-date UV Index values are available. Click on a city name to display the UV Index reports recorded so far this month for that city. At the end of the month the UV summaries for the whole month are available on the UV Index monthly summaries page.


Further information about the UV Index

Refer to the ARPANSA Buyer's Guide for Sun Protection and the ARPANSA Sun Exposure and Health fact sheet.

Information about UV models can be found on the Australian UV models page.

Refer to the ARPANSA UV information page for other presentations of UV information.

The World Health Organization (WHO) publishes comprehensive information on UV radiation and the UV Index.

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The latest SunSmart UV Alert can be found at the Bureau of Meterology.

Further information about the SunSmart UV Alert can be found at SunSmart.



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