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Australian UV Levels for Mobile Phones

If you have a mobile phone with Internet access and a web browser you can view the latest UV levels at http://www.arpansa.gov.au/uvindex/realtime/wml/uvl.htm.

The display presents instantaneous recorded UV levels for capital cities in Australia, adjusted for daylight saving if applicable. The UV data is collected continuously by a detector that responds to UV in a manner similar to human skin.

Sample mobile phone Sample UV levels on mobile phone screen show Australian cities and their current UV Levels

What the UV levels mean

The UV level can be related to ultraviolet radiation exposure as follows:

UV LevelExposure RiskColour CodeSun Protection Measures
2 or lessLowgreenYou can safely stay outdoors with minimal protection.
3 to 5ModerateyellowWear sun protective clothing, a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and seek shady areas.
6 to 7HighorangeAs above.
8 to 10Very HighredAs above.
11 or higherExtremepurpleAs above.

How to be sun aware

Image showing 5 ways to protect yourself from the sun: hat, clothing, shade, sunglasses and sunscreen

Fact sheet - Sun protective clothing Fact sheet - Sun protective clothing Shade and UVR About sunglasses protection About sunscreen protection

Further information about the UV Index

Refer to the ARPANSA Buyer's Guide for Sun Protection and the ARPANSA Sun Exposure and Health fact sheet.

Information about UV models can be found on the Australian UV models page.

Refer to the ARPANSA UV information page for other presentations of UV information.

The World Health Organization (WHO) publishes comprehensive information on UV radiation and the UV Index.

UV Alert image

The latest SunSmart UV Alert can be found at the Bureau of Meterology.

Further information about the SunSmart UV Alert can be found at SunSmart.

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