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Eximtex Inc

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Manufacturer, Wholesaler and Original Design Manufacturer

8F-10, no. 14, lane 609, Chung Hsin Road, sec.5
San Chung, Taipei
Taiwan 241

Phone: (0011 8862) 2999 7881
Fax: (0015 8862) 2999 7880
Contact: Leo Liang

Sun Protective Clothing

Eximtex Inc is a Taiwanese company specializing in the manufacture of UV protective clothing and accessories.

Our UV protective clothing is designed from a range of fabrics. We use different UV protective fabrics for different applications. Our clothing is designed to be MODERN, TRENDY and COMFORTABLE.

All our products are UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rated by ARPANSA. Our products will provide you with UV protection that will not wash away or reduce with with wear and tear. Moisture wicking is another feature of our clothing. You will also find in our collection a range of products that offer anti-microbial protection.

We have been in the UV protective clothing business since 1998. We have a professional designing and manufacturing team to cater for all your needs for UV protective clothing and accessories. Please feel free to contact us with any enquiry.

Our UPF rated UV protective products include:

  • Clothing (woven, knitted and lycra) with moisture wicking and anti-microbial features.
  • Sun hats, sleeve covers and cabanas.

We can undertake OEM as well as ODM manufacturing for you.

Licensed under the ARPANSA UPF Certification Scheme

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