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About Ultraviolet Radiation

About solar ultraviolet radiation (UVR)

What is solar ultraviolet radiation (UVR)?
Why is there so much solar UVR in Australia?

Measuring UVR

Why measure solar UVR?
How does ARPANSA measure solar UVR?
How are UVR levels reported?
What are skin types?

Variations in UVR levels

How does UVR intensity vary during the day?
How does the atmosphere affect solar UVR?

Why does UVR affect us?

How dangerous is UVR?
What are the risks from UVR exposure?

UVR exposure

What are the sources of solar UVR exposure?
What factors affect solar UVR levels?

Common questions about UVR

Can you feel UVR?
Is temperature related to UVR?
What is windburn?

Protection factors

What is a Protection Factor?

Protecting yourself from UVR

How can you reduce your UVR exposure?

Clothing as UVR protection

Does clothing offer good UVR protection?
What makes a good sun protective garment?

Windows and UVR

How effective are windows and window tints at UVR protection?

Shade and UVR

How much UVR protection do shade structures offer?

Working in the sun

What sun protection precautions should outdoor workers take?


How effective are sunscreens?

Artificial tanning

Are solariums safe?

UVR in the home and workplace

Do artificial light sources emit UVR?
Are industrial UVR sources dangerous?

Legislating against UVR exposure

Standards and guidelines related to UVR protection
Safety glasses
Clothing standards outside Australia

Testing sun protective materials

How can you test sun protective materials

Labelling sun protective materials

How can you label products with a UPF rating?

Finding out more about UVR

Further Information about UVR protection
Sources of UVR protection Information on the Internet
Australian standards related to UVR protection
Official guidelines on UVR protection


Explanation of some UVR-related terms

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