PRMS Monitors

Types of personal radiation monitors

These monitors can be used to measure the exposures of workers to ionising radiation. Typically, the monitors would be worn by workers in the medical, dental, chiropractic, industrial and mining fields.

OSL monitor in plastic sleeve with clip


The BeO OSL (Optically Stimulated Luminescence) monitor is replacing the TLD monitor and measures potential occupational doses from gamma radiation and X‑rays.

Special TLD Monitor

These monitors are worn in locations such as uranium and mineral sand mining operations where conditions are dusty and in laboratories where there is a significant risk of radioactive contamination. The monitor is comprised of a TLD monitor which is sealed in a plastic protective envelope prior to dispatch.

TLD badge pinned to a person's chest
Neutron badge pinned to a person's coat pocket (chest high)

Neutron Monitor

Neutron monitors are worn by people potentially exposed to fast neutrons, such as those using neutron generators The monitor consist of a neutron plaque and a TLD card preassembled prior to dispatch. They detect fast neutrons, beta rays and gamma rays and are issued for wearing periods of 4, 8 or 12 weeks.

Extremity Monitor

Extremity monitors are worn by people whose fingers may be close to radiation sources. These monitors are issued for a wearing period of 4 weeks.

Extremity monitor shown worn on an index finger