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Commonwealth entity means a corporate body established for a public purpose through an Act or by the Commonwealth (i.e. funded by the Federal Government). ARPANSA specifically licenses Commonwealth entities under the ARPANS Act.
'Activities' include to prepare a site for, construct, have possession or control of, operate, de‑commission, dispose of or abandon a controlled facility, or remediate a prescribed legacy site. A controlled facility includes a prescribed radiation facility in section 13 of the Regulations of the Regulations (such as certain accelerators and irradiators, and facilities with large quantities of radioactive material) or nuclear installations (see division 3 of the Regulations).
'Deal with' in relation to controlled material and controlled apparatus means any of the following: (a) possess, or have control of, the apparatus or material (b) use or operate the apparatus, or use the material (c) dispose of the apparatus or material.
Refer to the exemption limits in Schedule 1 of the Regulations to determine whether the source is above or below the exemption limit
Refer to subsection 9(1) and section 44 of the Regulations AND the regulatory guides on UV and RF apparatus to determine whether your non-ionising apparatus is considered a 'controlled apparatus'.

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