Status message

On 10 April 2022 the Australian Government assumed a caretaker role. The Government is now operating in accordance with the Caretaker Conventions, pending the outcome of the 2022 federal election. Information on Caretaker Conventions:

Learnings from inspections

The Regulatory Services Branch are pleased to present a series of publications to our licence holders and interested readers called ‘Learnings from inspections’. Each quarter, the Regulatory Services Branch inspectors meet to discuss findings and areas for improvements observed during inspections. ‘Learnings from inspections’ are a regular 6 monthly summary of common issues collectively identified, written in a format that is short, easy to read and helpful. Each ‘Learning from inspection’ is structured in a common format.

  1. What is the area for improvement?
  2. What are the contributing factors to this issue, why does it occur?
  3. How can you personally and as an organisation improve in this area?

‘Learnings from inspections’ aims to provide licence holders with informal, general feedback on topical issues within industry and how they can be addressed collectively. They are no more than 1 page per issue, designed for both technical and non-technical audiences and created to strengthen your approach to safety and compliance. For feedback on any of the content below please contact Regulatory Services through the Contact Us form.