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New radiation equipment

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Request for regulatory information for new radiation equipment or apparatus (including associated radioactive material)

Each Australian jurisdiction has its own radiation protection legislation and radiation regulator. In the past, suppliers or manufacturers of radiation equipment had to contact the radiation regulator in each jurisdiction to find information on the types of authorisations required for new radiation equipment. If the equipment was to be sold and used in every jurisdiction, a supplier or manufacturer would have had to write to each of the nine radiation regulators in Australia.

This page provides a single entry point for a supplier or manufacturer of new radiation equipment to find out about regulatory requirements.

Upon receipt of your request, ARPANSA will relay it to each of Australia’s nine radiation regulators, who will respond directly to you with relevant regulatory information. For example, whether the new equipment is required to be authorised, the types of authorisation that would need to be obtained, the prerequisites for authorisation, and what conditions, if any, may be imposed in the authorisations. However, please note that the information you will receive will not be an approval or authorisation. You will still be required to apply to the radiation regulator in a jurisdiction for the relevant authorisation.

Contact details of each radiation regulator is available at https://www.arpansa.gov.au/regulation-and-licensing/regulation/state-territory-regulators.

Please use the form below to provide the information on the new radiation equipment. If you have any questions on the use of this form, please send an email to newequipmentatarpansa.gov.au.

Note: If your enquiry relates to an import permit, please go to the ARPANSA webpage at https://www.arpansa.gov.au/regulation-and-licensing/licensing/import-export-permits.