Nuclear Medicine DRL survey 2021-2022

Welcome to the ARPANSA 2021-2022 Nuclear Medicine DRL Survey.

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About the survey

The Nuclear Medicine DRL Survey is collecting data to update the Australian national DRLs for nuclear medicine. Data is being collected for both general nuclear medicine and PET, including data for associated CT scans. Survey submissions are due by 31 March 2022.

The survey is being conducted using Excel spreadsheets, with separate workbooks for nuclear medicine and PET. Each workbook has 4 worksheets: an Instructions sheet, a Facility Information sheet, a Protocol Information sheet, and a Patient Data entry sheet. Facilities are asked to record their standard administered activities for all procedure types on the Protocol sheet and to record all administered activities (and any associated CT metrics) over a 2-week period on the Patient Data sheet.

It is important that participants complete the facility and protocol sheets prior to completing the 2-week patient data collection. The scanner information entered, and the protocol data, is required to complete the patient data collection.

Upon submission of your survey, ARPANSA will provide a report that will compare your administered activities to the current DRLs. This can be used as evidence of your compliance with requirements to undertake comparisons of administered activities with the national DRLs.

If you have any questions regarding the survey, please e-mail the ARPANSA National Diagnostic Reference Level Service at:

How to videos

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - Entering protocol details

Part 3 - Entering patient survey data

Data collection notice

The contact and facility information collected as part of this survey is being gathered to manage communication in relation to the ARPANSA nuclear medicine DRL survey. ARPANSA will make every effort to keep this information secure and will not share it with external parties.                                 
The patient, dose and protocol data will be used to revise or establish DRLs and every effort will be made to keep it secure. The data may also be used in reports, scientific publications and for research purposes but in a form that does not identify either patients or individual facilities. The user when entering data should ensure that no unnecessary personal information regarding patients is included.                                

Personal information and information about your business activities collected for this purpose is secured, stored and disclosed according to the Australian Privacy Principles and the ARPANSA Privacy Policy.

Further information

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