Choosing the base stations

Suitability of a location is primarily determined by ability to access the areas expected to have the highest levels and good line of sight to the antennas.

Sites were selected in order to cover, as well as possible, all network operators, technologies, geography and type of installations. Other factors to be taken into account included the level of public concern, concentration of base stations in close proximity, or other special circumstances that may provide cause for community concern.

Initially, local councils were invited to nominate base stations for inclusion in this survey. An article appeared in the Australian Local Government Association newsletter of 15 September 2006 calling for nominations. Eight base stations were nominated by local councils. Further sites were suggested by ARPANSA and members of the Electromagnetic Energy Reference Group (EMERG).

The following tables list the network operators and technologies covered by the present sample of base station sites and indicate the number of services measured for each.

Operator Number of services
3GIS 11
NBN Co* 1
Optus 52
Telstra 59
Vodafone 25
All 150
Technology Number of services
CDMA800 4
WCDMA850 28
GSM900 40
WCDMA900 6
GSM1800 11
LTE1800 3
UMTS2100 57
LTE2300* 1
All 150

* Note that the LTE2300 service provided by NBN Co is not a mobile telephone service but a wireless link for internet connections.