Hon. Senator Bridget McKenzie, Dr. Carl-Magnus Larsson and IRRS officials
13 February 2019

The final report for the Integrated Regulatory Review Service (IRRS) mission to Australia has been released.

Man reading report
26 February 2018

The CEO may at any time cause a report about matters relating to the CEO's function to be tabled in either House of the Parliament.

Close up hand of a man in a business suit, pointing a pen at graphs on a page, indicating results.
10 January 2018

We have a commitment to good regulatory practice, so each year we self-assess our performance as a regulator. We’re doing better every year. You can now read our self-assessment for the last financial year, 2016-17.

1 August 2017

Details the scope and value of remuneration for our executive and other highly paid staff.

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