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RHC Statements

From time to time, the Radiation Health Committee issues statements which provide details on the Committee's position on a range of topics relating to radiation health.

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Statement on the use of Dual-energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA)

Statement issued June 2016
PDF (110 kb) | RTF (284 kb)

Statement on Expectations for a Qualified Expert in relation to the Medical Code (RPS 14)

Statement issued September 2012
PDF (87 kb) | RTF (474 kb)

Statement on Changes to Occupational Dose Limit for Lens of the Eye

Statement issued November 2011
PDF (53 kb) | RTF (462 kb)

Safe Handling of Deceased Persons Recently Treated with Radioactive Material

Statement updated July 2012
PDF (61kb) | RTF (521 kb)

Proposed Changes to Australia's Radiation Protection Standards

Statement issued January 2010 (PDF 71k)

Factors to Consider when Selecting a Radioactive Source

Statement issued June 2008 (PDF 36k)

Statement on Clean-up Criteria following a Radiological Incident

Statement issued February 2007 (PDF 44k)

Statement on Occupational Exposure to Cosmic Radiation from Airflight

Statement issued December 2004 (PDF 19k)

Statement on Compliance with the Australian Standard on Solaria for Cosmetic Purposes (AS/NZS 2635:2002)

RHC statement regarding AS/NZS 2635:2002 Solaria for cosmetic purposes has been removed. The statement has been superseded by the regulation of tanning units in solaria, using the national regulatory elements contained in section 5.4.1 of the National Directory for Radiation Protection.

Statement on Use of Units of Measure in Prescribing and Administering Nuclear Medicine

Statement issued November 2002 (PDF 158k)

Statement on Disposal of Domestic Smoke Detectors

Statement updated July 2011
(PDF 91k)  |  (RTF 408k)

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