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We are the Australian Government’s primary authority on radiation protection and nuclear safety. We protect the Australian people and the environment from the harmful effects of radiation through understanding risks, best practice regulation, research, policy, services, partnerships and engaging with the community.

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Hon. Senator Bridget McKenzie, Dr. Carl-Magnus Larsson and IRRS officials
13 February 2019

The final report for the Integrated Regulatory Review Service (IRRS) mission to Australia has been released.

Hands next to a laptop
14 January 2019

ARPANSA scientists have reviewed the recent National Toxicology Program (NTP) animal studies which looked at whether exposure to radiofrequency (RF) radiation causes any health effects, including cancer, in rats and mice.

Close up photo of pages in document
13 December 2018

The ARPANS Regulations 1999 and ARPANS Licence Charges Regulations 2000 have been repealed and replaced.