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IAEA Drafts for Member State Comment

Review of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Drafts

ARPANSA coordinates comments on behalf of Australia on IAEA draft documents. We provide feedback to the IAEA through Safety Standards Committee members.

ARPANSA requests comments on drafts in relation to:

  • Relevance and usefulness. Are the stated objectives appropriate, and are they met by the document?
  • Scope and completeness. Is the stated scope appropriate and adequate to cover the document?
  • Quality and clarity. Do the requirements/guidance represent the current consensus among specialists in the field? Are they expressed in a clear and coherent way?

Submit comments using the Member State Comments template. Comments should refer to the relevant paragraph number of the review document. Propose alternative text when appropriate.

Member State Comments Template (Docx 34kb)

Note that the date given for submission to ARPANSA is earlier than that listed on the draft. ARPANSA will prepare a consolidated Australian response to submit to the IAEA by the deadline.

IAEA drafts currently under review

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