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Radiation Protection Series No. 17

Front Cover - RPS No. 17Code of Practice & Safety Guide for Radiation Protection in Veterinary Medicine (2009)

The Code establishes requirements for adoption by Commonwealth, State and Territory jurisdictions that will provide a system for the safe use of veterinary radiation equipment and radioactive sources. The Safety Guide also covers the use of radiation in veterinary medicine and informs best practice in each application of ionizing radiation. Consequently, it provides useful radiation protection information to the veterinary community.

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Code of Practice & Safety Guide for Radiation Protection in Veterinary Medicine (2009) (PDF 555k)

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Public Consultation Documents

Public Consultation Draft - Draft Code of Practice for Safe Use of Radiation in Veterinary Science (PDF 517k) - (October 2005)

Public Consultation Draft - Regulatory Impact Statement Consultation Draft (PDF 2618k) - (October 2005)

Public Consultation Submissions - Summary of Submissions and Working Group Responses (PDF 928k)

FINAL Regulatory Impact Statement - Code of Practice for Radiation Protection in Veterinary Medicine - Regulatory Impact Statement (PDF 175k) - (February 2009)


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