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Import and Export Permits

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A permit issued by ARPANSA is required to import radioactive substances into Australia and to export high activity radioactive sources out of Australia.


Fees apply for all import permit applications. Currently, there is no fee payable for export permit applications. The CEO has notified his intention to charge export fees from 1 January 2017. Find out more about the export permit fees at Export permits.

Fees are indexed annually on 1 July in line with the Wage Price Index.

Import permit fee schedule:

Type of Permit  Current Fee*
1 July 2016)
Single shipment Permit - Standard $168
Single Shipment - Urgent $279
12 Month Permit $1945

* Fees are exempt from GST

Download the CEO's advice regarding increases in Medical and Non-Medical Permit Fees:
PDF 132 kb | RTF 357 kb

See Payment Methods for information about how to pay fees.

Import of Radioactive Substances for Non-medical Use

Under the Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations 1956, a permit from ARPANSA is required for the import of radioactive substances. Read the Non-medical import permits page for more details.

To apply for a non-medical import permit, complete the appropriate application form:

For further information contact the Non-Medical Import Permits Officer on (02) 9541 8340.

Import of Medical Radioisotopes

A radioisotope is considered to be for medical use when it is intended to be:

  • administered to humans or used for any therapeutic procedure or purpose in any planned exposure of humans to ionising radiation
  • used in any in vitro medical diagnosis or test
  • used in research which is either directly or indirectly related towards medical diagnosis or therapy in humans.

Please note that sealed and unsealed radioactive sources that are used to calibrate instruments in medical practices and pathology laboratories are also included as medical radioisotopes for permit applications.

See Medical permits page for more information.

To apply for a medical import permit, complete the appropriate application form:

For further information contact the Medical Import Permits Officer on (03) 9433 2232.

Export of High Activity Radioactive Sources

Under Regulation 9AD of the Customs (Prohibited Exports) Regulations 1958, a permit from ARPANSA is required for the export of high activity radioactive sources and for high activity aggregations of sources in a single shipment. See the Export Permits page for more details.

To apply for an export permit complete the application form:

There is no fee payable for an export permit.

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