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HIFAR Licensing Process

HIFAR reactor - Image supplied by ANSTO

ANSTO's Facility Licence Application to Possess or Control HIFAR


On 18 May 2007, Dr John Loy, CEO of the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) received an application from the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) for a facility licence under the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Act 1998 authorising it to possess or control the High Flux Australian Reactor (HIFAR).

HIFAR was a 10 MW research reactor that commenced operation in 1958. The reactor was permanently shut down on 30 January 2007 with the spent fuel and heavy water since being removed and stored on site. The final shutdown of the reactor was authorised under the then existing licence authorising operation.

ANSTO’s facility licence application to possess or control HIFAR was the first step in the regulatory process leading to the eventual decommissioning of the reactor. As part of the application, ANSTO proposed to measure and map the level of radioactivity in structures, systems and components of the reactor. In the longer term, it is anticipated that the organisation will apply for a licence to decommission the reactor.

On 15 September 2008 the CEO of ARPANSA issued a facility licence to ANSTO authorising it to possess or control the HIFAR facility.

Facility Licence Document

Facility Licence F0184 - ANSTO - Licence to Possess and Control - dated 15 September 2008 (PDF 62kb)

Licence Application Documents

HIFAR Possess or Control Licence Application - Documents Provided by ANSTO

Covering Letter (PDF 61kb)

Application Form (PDF 38kb)

Cover and Summary (PDF 89kb)

Part A - General Information

General Information (PDF 182kb)

Part B - Plans

1 - Plan for Maintaining Effective Control (PDF 334kb)

2 - Safety Management Plan (PDF 139kb)

3 - Radiation Protection Plan (PDF 114kb)

4 - Radioactive Waste Management Plan (PDF 121kb)

6 - Emergency Plan (PDF 86kb)

7 - Environmental Management Plan (PDF 111kb)

8 - Other Plans and Arrangements (PDF 95kb)

Part C - Safety Analysis

Safety Analysis for the Possess or Control Period (PDF 1,271kb)

Part D - Limits and Conditions

Cover Document - Limits and Conditions for the HIFAR Facility (PDF 108kb)

Contents (PDF 42kb)

Introduction (PDF 47kb)

Definitions (PDF 36kb)

1 - Instrumentation (PDF 45kb)

2 - Irradiation Rigs and Experimental Equipment (PDF 46kb)

3 - Radioactive Discharges (PDF 44kb)

4 - Radiological Hazards (PDF 37kb)

5 - Hazardous Materials (PDF 38kb)

Part E - Activities

Activities to be Undertaken During the Possess or Control Period (PDF 113kb)

Documents Provided by ARPANSA to ANSTO

Letter, dated 28 May 2007, acknowledging acceptance of the application. (PDF 28kb)

Media Releases

12 June 2007 - Public Submissions Invited on ANSTO Facility Licence Application to Possess and Control High Flux Australian Reactor

22 May 2007 - ANSTO Application for a licence to possess or control the high flux Australian reactor

The image of the HIFAR reactor was provided by ANSTO.

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