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UV Index Data

ARPANSA maintains a network of solar ultraviolet (UV) measurements in major Australian cities and in the Australian Antarctic territories. Dataloggers continuously record the solar UV radiation levels at each site. This data is available as UV Index values and graphs for major Australian cities for the current day on the ARPANSA website.

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Online UV data

Educational Poster

ARPANSA has produced an educational poster that can be downloaded 'UVR Health and Safety' (PDF 4000KB) or provided on request. Requests should be emailed to info@arpansa.gov.au. See a preview image of the poster.

Guide for Application Developers

Realtime UV data is available for developers for use in applications, such as mobile device applications. Further information and conditions of use are available at Australian UV Levels for Developers.

Special requests for UV data

The calibrated UVR data is available for research and commercial use by request. There may be a cost associated with provision of this data depending on the complexity of your request.

In your request please state:
  • the name of your organisation
  • your position
  • your e-mail address
  • your phone number
  • the intended use of the data
  • the site(s) you require data for
  • the date range of the data required
  • the time range of the data required
  • the units the data is to be provided in

Please Contact Us with your special requests for UV data.

Realtime UV Levels


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