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This page presents UV dose data for Brisbane, Queensland, adjusted for daylight saving time if applicable. The UV data is collected continuously by a detector that responds to UV in a manner similar to human skin. The graph shows UV dose in units of SEDs (Standard Erythemal Dose). The cumulative UV exposure, or dose, for each hour of the day between 6AM and 8PM is updated on the graph at the end of each hour. The total UV dose so far for the whole day is also updated at the end of each hour. Your UV dose is related to potential health effects and you should take sun protection measures to prevent your daily UV dose from exceeding one SED.

How to read the graph

The blue bars on the graph represent the potential UV dose for each hour of the day. The yellow bars on the graph represent the total accumulated UV dose for the day. This is the UV dose you could receive if you were outdoors all day from 6AM. The numbers above the bars are the UV dose in SEDs. No number is shown if the UV dose for any hour is less than one SED.

The purple line on the graph represents the forecast UV dose for a clear sky day and can be used as a guide to the maximum expected UV dose for the day.

For more information about UV dose visit UV Exposure and Dose explained.

UV Dose Report - Brisbane showing forecast, hourly and total UV dose for the day ARPANSA UV Data Resource Page

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View the Brisbane realtime UV Index.

Consider taking precautions to prevent your sun exposure exceeding one SED

Protect yourself in five ways from skin cancer: wear a hat and sun protective clothing, seek shady areas, wear sunglasses and sunscreen

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