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ARPANSA has a network of ultraviolet radiation (UV) detectors in cities around Australia. The UV data is collected continuously by detectors that respond to UV in a manner similar to human skin.

The intensity of the sun's UV radiation that you are exposed to, and the length of time you are exposed for, together determine the UV dose that you receive on any day. ARPANSA monitors and reports the intensity of UV radiation throughout the day in major Australian cities in units of UV-Index (UVI). ARPANSA also reports UV dose in units of Standard Erthermal Dose (SEDs). The SEDs reports show the UV dose you could receive each hour over the course of a day as well as the total UV dose for the day.

For more information about SEDs (Standard Erythermal Dose) visit UV Exposure and Dose explained.

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Thumbnail image Adelaide Cumulative UV Dose
Thumbnail image Alice Springs Cumulative UV Dose
Alice Springs
Thumbnail image Brisbane Cumulative UV Dose
Thumbnail image Canberra Cumulative UV Dose
Thumbnail image Darwin Cumulative UV Dose
Thumbnail image Kingston Cumulative UV Dose
Thumbnail image Melbourne Cumulative UV Dose
Thumbnail image Newcastle Cumulative UV Dose
Thumbnail image Perth Cumulative UV Dose
Thumbnail image Sydney Cumulative UV Dose
Thumbnail image Townsville Cumulative UV Dose


For further sun protection information refer to the ARPANSA UV Data Resource Page.

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