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EMR Literature Survey

The EMR literature survey provides monthly updates on published literature related to electromagnetic fields and health in the frequency range 0-300 GHz.

Published literature includes articles in peer-reviewed journals, scientific-body reports, fact sheets, conference proceedings etc.

The monthly updates provide references on new EMR literature. For each reference a short summary and a link to the abstract or to the full document (if freely available) is also provided. Each update also contains one or more featured articles for which commentary by ARPANSA may be provided. Updates may also contain links to external websites for further information. These links were considered useful at the time of preparation of the monthly update but ARPANSA has no control over the content or currency of information on external links. Please see the ARPANSA website disclaimer.

Explanations of the more common terms in the monthly updates are found in the glossary.

The EMR literature that is listed in the monthly updates is found by searching various databases and is not exhaustive. Find out how ARPANSA searches for new EMR literature for the monthly updates.

Find out more about how you can search for EMR literature.

The intention of the EMR literature survey is to provide an update on new literature related to EMR and health that may be of interest to the general public. ARPANSA does not take responsibility for any of the content in the EMR literature and is not able to provide copies of the papers that are listed.

Latest updates

An Australian study finds that wireless phone use does not affect cognitive function of Victorian primary school children.

Study finds that radiofrequency exposure in the environment does not affect cognitive and behavioural functions in 10-year old boys.

Study does not replicate an association between childhood leukaemia and elevated level of magnetic fields in the home.

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