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Use this chart to see how the UV index varies throughout the day at our monitoring sites.

Man looking intently with care through a see-through section of a large machines with wires and mechanical parts.
The Personal Radiation Monitoring Service monitors the exposures of workers in the medical, dental, chiropractic, industrial and mining fields to ionising radiation.
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We publish a comprehensive range of fact sheets on issues relating to radiation and health.
A haphazard pile of plastic containers designed to hold dosimeters used to calibrate radiotherapy equipment.
A national independent dosimetry auditing program, the Australian Clinical Dosimetry Service provides quality assurance for radiation oncology facilities and patients.
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We produce a range of publications to promote practices which protect human health and the environment from the harmful effects of radiation.
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We offer four types of meters you can hire to measure radiation in and around your home.

What's New

A doctor examines a chest X-ray against a lightbox
20 Sep 2023
ARPANSA has launched new eye monitor technology to help medical workers track photon and beta radiation doses to the lens of their eyes.
A scientist is listening to someone speak
13 Sep 2023
Study finds speaking to the public helps to address radiation risk perceptions.
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29 Aug 2023
ARPANSA is seeking nominations for 9 members of the Nuclear Safety Committee (NSC). The Committee advises the CEO on nuclear safety and the safety of controlled facilities.

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