On 20 June 2001, the Senate agreed to an Order requiring each Minister to table a letter advising that a list of contracts in respect of each entity administered by that Minister has been placed on the internet, with access to the list through the entity home page.

The letter must be tabled no later than two calendar months after the end of the calendar and financial years.

An amendment to the Order of 14 May 2015 requires all procurement contracts be listed in a report on the AusTender website, with non-procurement contracts to be listed on entity websites.

Procurement contracts

AusTender Senate Order Report

Non-procurement contracts

2023 calendar year


2022 - 23 financial year


2022 calendar year


2021-22 financial year


On 5 June 2017 ARPANSA published on the Austender website contract notice CN3427755 relating to a labour hire agreement with Slade Group covering the period of 25 May 2017 to 29 June 2017. In describing the nature of the contract, the name of Mr Don Coulson was identified as the person to be providing services, however, prior to its commencement, the engagement was cancelled and did not proceed as ARPANSA determined, at that time, that it should pursue a different direction with the work that had been intended to be undertaken during the engagement. 

ARPANSA explicitly acknowledge that using Mr Coulson’s name in this way was unnecessary and its effect may have been to give those users of Austender who viewed the notice the misleading impression that Mr Coulson actually worked at ARPANSA during the specified period, when this was, in fact, not the case. 

Contract notice CN3427755 has subsequently been removed from Austender.

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