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What we do


Established by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Act 1998 (ARPANS Act), ARPANSA commenced operation on 5 February 1999. ARPANSA replaced the Nuclear Safety Bureau and Australian Radiation Laboratory. Our strategic objectives are:

  • Protect the public, workers and the environment from radiation exposure
  • Ensure radiological and nuclear safety and security and emergency preparedness
  • Promote the effective use of ionising radiation in medicine
  • Ensure effective and proportionate regulation and enforcement activities.

ARPANSA provides the Australian Government and community with:

  • Expertise
    We build and maintain expertise in measurement of radiation and assessment of health impacts, including the assessment of risks and responses to radiation emergencies.
  • Advice
    We provide high quality advice to the government and the community on issues related to exposure and effects of radiation, radiation protection and nuclear safety.
  • Regulation
    We use our licensing powers and work with Commonwealth entities to ensure the safety of radiation facilities, using a risk-informed regulatory approach.
  • Best Practice
    We lead the development of codes, standards, guides and advice to support radiation protection and nuclear safety throughout Australia, and play a prominent role in relevant international organisations.
  • Services
    We offer high quality services for the purpose of protection against the harmful effects of radiation.
  • Research
    We undertake research and development, and build strategic partnerships with relevant national and international academic and research organisations.