Holistic safety is a best practice approach to safety management

What is 'Holistic safety'?
Diagram depicting of Holistic Safety

Holistic Safety is a best practice approach to safety management. It focuses on technological, human, and organisational aspects—making sure the technology (plant, equipment, tools, apparatus, machinery, etc.) is safe to use; people perform tasks safely at work; and the organisation overall is managed safely.

ARPANSA provides information to support licence holders using a holistic approach to manage the safety of their operations.

More information

Call or email the ARPANSA inspector who currently has oversight for your licence. Otherwise, contact an inspector from the Safety Analysis Section.

Safety Analysis Section
Regulatory Services
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Ph: (02) 9541 8350
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Email: safety@arpansa.gov.au

What is holistic safety?

Fact sheets and information about the holistic approach to safety management.

Holistic Safety Guidelines

The Holistic Safety Guidelines outline key principles of holistic safety.

Tools to improve holistic safety

We provide some tool to help licence holders improve the safety of their operations.

Useful references

A list of references to help you learn more about the principles of holistic safety.

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