The Australasian Radioanalytical Laboratory Network (ARLN) was established to strengthen capacity and capability within Australia and New Zealand for the testing of radioactivity in food and environmental samples. This need is particularly important in the event of a radiological or nuclear emergency when potentially many samples will require analysis.

The ARLN is comprised of government and university radioanalytical laboratories based in Australia and New Zealand. These laboratories will work collaboratively to support the public radiation health response to radiological or nuclear incidents and emergencies within the region.

Terms of Reference

In order to support a public health response to a radiological or nuclear emergency the ARLN will:

  • Establish and maintain a network of radioanalytical laboratories within Australia and New Zealand.
  • Provide expertise in the area of analysis of radioactivity in food and environmental samples. 
  • Work collaboratively within the network to establish common analysis procedures with agreed data quality objectives and adoption of current best practice.
  • Enhance the capability and capacity of the radioanalytical laboratories by reviewing the current status, identifying gaps and providing assistance and expertise.
  • Regularly examine the capability of radioanalytical laboratories by participating in proficiency testing, with an emphasis on different radionuclides and matrices.
  • Promote the implementation of international best practice as developed by the IAEA ALMERA (Analytical Laboratories for the Measurement of Environmental RadioActivity) network. 
  • Make available validated procedures with the emphasis on rapid methods of analysis to any radioanalytical laboratory.

Composition of the Network

The network is led by ARPANSA and is comprised of the following organisations:

Members of this group work closely with the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee and the International Atomic Energy Agency.

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