Sources of radiation

We provide advice on common sources of radiation you may encounter daily.

A series of large powerlines cascading into the horizon with large trees and a cloudy sky in the backdrop.

Advice on whether powerlines are associated with health effects.

Bright rays of sunshine beaming through a tall tree.

Advice on reducing health effects associated with ultraviolet radiation (UVR) exposure from the sun.

Close up of a residential electric digital smart meter.

Advice on whether smart meters are associated with health effects.

Top of a mobile phone base stations with a cloudy sky background.

Advice on whether mobile phone and NBN base stations are associated with health effects.

A close-up of Japan on a map

Advice for Australians on exposure to radiation arising from the nuclear accident in Japan.

Surgeon taking off medical gloves and disposing them into a special container for waste.

Advice on the safety, management and disposal of radioactive waste.

Close-up head shot of girl getting a 3D dental X-ray.

We publish a comprehensive range of fact sheets on issues relating to radiation and health.