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Radiation Health and Safety Advisory Council (RHSAC)

RHSAC has the following functions in relation to radiation protection and nuclear safety:

  • identify emerging issues
  • examine matters of major concern to the community
  • consider the adoption of recommendations, policies, codes and standards
  • advise and report to the CEO, at the CEO's request or as RHSAC considers appropriate, on the above and any other matters

Current membership of RHSAC

The appointed members are:

  • Dr Roger Allison, Executive Director Cancer Care Services, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital
  • Dr Carl-Magnus Larsson
Person to represent the interests of the general public
  • Ms Geraldine Robertson, an experienced consumer advocate with a working knowledge of the consumer-related radiation protection issues addressed by RHSAC.
    (Contact the RHSAC public representative)
Radiation Control Officers
(as nominated by the Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council)
  • Mr Keith Baldry, Director, Regulation and Compliance, Environment Protection Authority of South Australia
  • Mr Simon Critchley, Director, Radiation Health, Queensland Department of Health
Representative of the Chief Minister of the Northern Territory
  • Dr Hugh Heggie, Chief Health Officer, Clinical Support, Education and Public Health Services Division, NT Department of Health
Other members
  • Mr Niall Byrne, Creative Director of Science in Public
  • Dr Jane Canestra, Medical practitioner and emergency physician with expertise in the health aspects of radiological emergencies
  • Prof Adele Green, Head, Cancer and Population Studies Group, Queensland Institute of Medical Research
  • Mr Frank Harris, Chief Adviser Radiation Governance and Product Stewardship, Rio Tinto Uranium
  • Ms Melissa Holzberger, Director and Principal – Sloan Holzberger Lawyers
  • Prof Pamela Sykes, Professor Preventive Cancer Biology, Flinders University, South Australia
  • Dr Melanie Taylor, Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Health Research, University of Western Sydney