The Radiation Health and Safety Advisory Council (the 'Council') advises the CEO on emerging issues and matters of major public concern relating to radiation protection and nuclear safety. 

Council has the following functions in relation to radiation protection and nuclear safety:

  • identify emerging issues
  • examine matters of major concern to the community
  • consider the adoption of recommendations, policies, codes and standards
  • advise and report to the CEO, at the CEO's request or as Council considers appropriate, on the above and any other matters

Current membership of Council

The appointed members are:

  • Dr Jane Canestra, emergency physician with expertise in health aspects and planning for radiological incidents 
  • Dr Gillian Hirth
Person to represent the interests of the general public
  • Mr Christopher Donovan, National Work Health and Safety Director, Australian Workers Union 
Radiation Control Officers
  • Mr Keith Baldry, Director Science and Systems, Environmental Protection Authority of South Australia
  • Mr John Piispanen, Executive Director, Health Protection Branch, Queensland Health
Representative of the Chief Minister of the Northern Territory
  • Dr Christine Connors, Chief Health Officer of the Northern Territory
Other members
  • Mr Jim Hondros, Consultant, JRHC Enterprises, and President of the Australian Radiation Protection Society 
  • Ms Melissa Holzberger, Director and Principal, Sloan Holzberger Lawyers 
  • Mr Christopher Perry, Director of Operations for Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Alfred Hospital, Melbourne 
  • Associate Professor Catherine Olsen, Senior Research Officer, Division of Population and Clinical Sciences, Queensland Institute of Medical Research Berghofer 
  • Mr Stuart Parr, Radiation Safety Officer for multiple companies and current member of the ARPANSA Nuclear Safety Committee 
  • Emeritus Professor Pam Sykes, Preventative Cancer Biology, Flinders University, South Australia 
  • Associate Professor Mel Taylor, Geography and Planning, School of Social Sciences, Macquarie University 

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