A dog is looking at a butterfly fluttering above its nose in a grassy field
This systematic map paints the research landscape into the effects of radio waves on plants and animals in the environment.
A protocol that outlines the steps required for a systematic review of the effect of long-term radiofrequency exposure on cognition in human observational studies. Published January 2022.
A systematic map protocol to identify, collate and categorise all relevant evidence on the impact of anthropogenic RF EMF exposure on animals and plants in the environment. Published December 2021.
A protocol for a systematic review of the scientific literature on cancer hazards from exposure to RF-EMF in humans, commissioned by the World Health Organization. Published December 2021.
A study conducted by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) and the University of Auckland has found no link between mobile phone use and salivary gland cancers. Published August 2021.
ARPANSA and Swinburne University conducted a meta-analysis, which reanalysed the 107 experimental studies on low-level millimetre waves to assess any biological effects. Published March 2021.
A state-of-the science review examining the research into the biological and health effects of RF fields above 6 GHz at exposure levels below the ICNIRP occupational limits. Published March 2021.
An examination of the feasibility of particularly modulated RF coupling to gating mechanisms in VGCCs and a review of studies from the literature from the last 50 years for consistency of outcome. Published November 2020.

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