About our regulatory publications

ARPANSA produces a range of publications to promote practices which protect human health and the environment from the harmful effects of radiation.

ARPANSA publishes the Radiation Protection Series. This replaces the former Radiation Health Series by National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and for which ARPANSA now has responsibility, as well as the Codes published under the Environment Protection (Nuclear Codes) Act 1978, which has been repealed. Corporate documents such as planning documentation and Annual Reports can be found under Corporate Publications.

Publication development is overseen by the Radiation Health Committee which refers the final draft to the Radiation Health and Safety Advisory Council for endorsement prior to publication by the CEO of ARPANSA.

Regulatory guide development is overseen by the Regulatory Services Branch.

The Regulatory Services Branch have produced a downloadable document map, which shows the interaction between regulatory publications to assist regulatory compliance. The documents referred to within the document map are clickable links which take you the relevant webpage.

Diagram showing the interactions between different publications


Development of Australia's radiation protection standards

Fundamentals for Protection Against Ionising Radiation (2014) and Code for Radiation Protection in Planned Exposure Situations (2016) - Advisory note




Publication program

Information about the administration of the Radiation Protection Series and the Radiation Health Series

Radiation Protection Series

A listing of our Radiation Protection Series (RPS) publications (codes, guides and fundamentals).

Radiation Health Series

A listing of our Radiation Health Series (RHS) publications. These were formerly published by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and are being progressively reviewed.

National Directory for Radiation Protection (2nd Edition, 2021) (NDRP 2nd edition, 2021)

The purpose of the NDRP is to provide an agreed framework for radiation safety, including both ionising and non-ionising radiation, together with clear regulatory statements to be adopted by the Commonwealth, states and territories.

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