Radioanalytical services operates within the Monitoring and Emergency Response Section of ARPANSA and provides a commercial service for the measurement of radioactivity in food samples.

Description of service

The service is also involved in method development and evaluation and undertakes research projects to determine levels of radioactivity in the environment and its implications and consequences for public health. Field-based spectrometry measurement systems are also developed and maintained. Testing is not limited to the routine analyses and we are happy to consider any customer request. Charges for these analyses are available on request.

Contract Work

The section undertakes external project work for or in conjunction with other organisations. This work includes health impact assessments, radioanalytical work and environmental assessments. We are happy to consider any customer request.

Client information

To ensure that there are no delays in processing your samples please refer to our client information page for our requirements and general information (includes a list of current charges).

Client Feedback

Our laboratory welcomes any feedback or comments on our service:

Routine Tests

Food samples

Background Information

Learn more about our NATA accreditation, the equipment we use, published reports and conference presentations.


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