The ARPANS Act establishes the Radiation Health and Safety Advisory Council (the 'Council'), the Radiation Health Committee (RHC) and the Nuclear Safety Committee (NSC) to advise the CEO of ARPANSA

Members of the Council and Committees are appointed under the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Act 1998. The Act provides for the appointment of a Chair for the Council and each committee. Appointments to the Council are made by the Assistant Minister for Health while members of the Committees are appointed by the CEO.

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The Radiation Health and Safety Advisory Council (the 'Council') advises the CEO on emerging issues and matters of major public concern relating to radiation protection and nuclear safety.
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The RHC advises the CEO and the RHSAC on matters relating to radiation protection, including formulating draft national policies, codes and standards for the promotion of uniform national standards of radiation protection for consideration by the Commonwealth, states and territories.
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The NSC advises the CEO and the RHSAC on matters relating to nuclear safety and the safety of controlled facilities, including developing and assessing the effectiveness of standards, codes, practices and procedures.
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Members of the Radiation Health and Safety Advisory Council, Radiation Health Committee and Nuclear Safety Committee endorsed the roles and expectations for advisory bodies at their meetings in June 2017.
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The role of ARPANSA's Audit and Risk Committee is to provide independent assurance to the CEO on ARPANSA’s financial and performance reporting responsibilities, risk oversight and management, and system of internal control.

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