ARPANSA Strategic Management Committee and Chief Executive

As CEO of ARPANSA, Dr Gillian Hirth is responsible for the Agency's activities, policy directions and efficient performance. The ARPANSA Strategic Management Committee supports the CEO and is the major vehicle for collegiate decision making in the Agency.

Offices and Branches

ARPANSA comprises three service branches, two offices and a General Counsel:

  • Regulatory Services Branch - Mr James Scott, Chief Regulatory Officer
    Sections include: Source Safety and Security, Facility Safety, Safety Systems, Waste,
    Decommissioning and Transport
    (Sydney and Melbourne)
  • Radiation Health Services Branch - Dr Rick Tinker, Chief Radiation Health Scientist
    Sections include: Modelling, Assessment and Emergency Preparedness, Monitoring and
    Emergency Response, Radiation Research and Advice, Radiation Protection Services, Environmental Protection, Defence Engagement Project Team
  • Medical Radiation Services Branch - Dr Ivan Williams, Chief Medical Radiation Scientist
    Sections include: Medical Imaging, Primary Standards Dosimetry Laboratory, Australian Clinical Dosimetry Service
  • Office of the CEO - Mr Nathan Wahl, Office Head and Chief of Staff (Acting)
    Sections include: Governance and Strategic Engagement, Communications, Risk and Quality, Security and Insider Risk, National Uniformity Policy and Secretariat
    (Melbourne and Sydney)
  • Office for Business Support - Mr Niraj Pau, Office Head and Chief Financial Officer
    Sections include: Finance, Digital Technology, Property and Facilities, Human Resources
  • Office of the General Counsel - Mr Martin Reynolds, General Counsel
    Sections include: Freedom of Information and Privacy
    (Melbourne and Sydney)

Advisory bodies

The ARPANS Act establishes several bodies that advise the CEO of ARPANSA. These bodies include the Radiation Health and Safety Advisory Council, the Radiation Health Committee and the Nuclear Safety Committee. The ARPANS Act also specifies the categories of membership for the Council and Committees.

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