2023 statement

ARPANSA has a zero tolerance approach to child exploitation or abuse and we are committed to promoting and maintaining a culture that provides a safe environment for all.

We recognise that all adults share the responsibility of preventing the exploitation and abuse of children. 

ARPANSA's purpose is to protect people and the environment from the harmful effects of radiation through research, the services we provide and regulation of Commonwealth entities that use radiation. The nature of this work means there is limited, if any, interaction with children across the scope of our business activities and functions and primarily occurs through rare work experience situations. During 2023, ARPANSA made the decision to no longer accept requests for work experience placements, other than for university students, recognising that such placements had exclusively arisen in recent years in relation to relatives of staff members.

ARPANSA has undertaken a risk assessment of our operations and, given the nature of the interactions with children, ARPANSA has assessed the risk to child safety as Low.

Risk assessments evaluating the risk of harm to children and young people from our operations are incorporated into our business and risk planning process.

ARPANSA complies with the key requirements of the Commonwealth Child Safe Framework as it applies to our operations in the context of our risk profile.

ARPANSA has adopted a Child Safety Policy which recognises the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations.

Making information, education and training available for our staff is important in creating a child-focused, transparent and safe organisational culture. This kind of culture protects children and keeps them safe.

To ensure our staff are aware of and create such a culture ARPANSA will be developing a strategy to communicate and promote our Child Safety Policy to staff and, where necessary, provide training for any staff who have interaction with children to ensure staff are aware of, and comply with, our child safety requirements.

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