ARPANSA's commitment to safety through protecting the Australian people and the environment from the harmful effects of radiation is second to none and we are equally committed to utilising our expertise to develop a leading work, health and safety framework within the agency.

ARPANSA's commitment

This policy shows the commitment of ARPANSA's management to:

  • provide a safe environment for all employees, contactors and visitors
  • employ a holistic safety approach
  • the safety of all ARPANSA activities through the promotion of core values, beliefs and behaviours
  • prioritise safety with other organisational goals and thereby achieving business objectives without undue risk
  • maintain safety systems and set measurable objectives and targets to ensure continued improvement aimed at the elimination or reduction of risks
  • comply with the Work Health and Safety Act (Cwlth) 2011, the Work Health and Safety Regulations (Cwlth) 2011, and applicable Codes of Practice and Australian Standards, with the aim of achieving best practice in work health and safety
  • embed safety systems across the whole organisation and nurture a safety culture
  • be a leader in safety
  • ensure that continuous improvements are measured, evaluated and reported against the agency goals and objectives
  • consult with key stakeholder, experts and the workforce for safety improvements
  • report, investigate and learn from all workplace incidents and near misses
  • support the rehabilitation of injured workers and assist them in returning to work.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility and while ARPANSA’s Executive Group have additional responsibilities to allocate resources, provide instruction and ensure compliance, every person has a duty to prevent harm to ourselves and others by identifying hazards and managing risks in our workplace, wherever that may be. To achieve this, all workers at all levels need to be actively engaged in the process.

When it comes to safety we all commit to; see something, say something, do something to keep our workplace safe.

This policy will be reviewed biennially.


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