Long shot of medical personnel in a hospital coridoor
We've developed free online Occupational Radiation Exposure (ORE) material for all people working in medical facilities that use ionising radiation, for example, X-rays and CT nuclear medicine.
Man standing and delivering a presentation to seated learners.
We run an annual Practical Reference Dosimetry Course for external beam radiotherapy. Running over four days, the course covers the theory and provides hands-on experience in all areas of radiation dosimetry for external beams.
Patient scanned on CT scanner with one technician operating the machine and another making notes
In collaboration with the medical sector, we have produced a Radiation Protection of the Patient (RPOP) Module to increase understanding of the radiation safety aspects of medical imaging.
Close-up of three students writing on pieces of paper.
Any person who uses a source or facility must have appropriate training in radiation safety. To assist licence holders comply with this condition we recognise radiation safety courses approved by the state and territory regulators.

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