Ultraviolet radiation services

Our ultraviolet radiation laboratory offers measurement services including:

  • clothing and fabric testing
  • sunglass testing
  • shadecloth testing
  • window film testing
  • assessment of UVR hazards in the workplace
  • calibration of instruments.

We also provide:

  • swing tags for labelling summer clothing
  • information about UVR and sun protection
  • up-to-the-minute UVR reports
  • links to sellers of sun protective clothing.

Contact UVR Services:

  • Phone: +61 3 9433 2309 or 1800 022 333 (Free call within Australia)
  • Email: upf-testingatarpansa.gov.au
Close-up of a pair of hands examining a green piece of fabric with testing equipment.
20 June 2017

All fabrics have some ability to block UVR but laboratory testing is needed to tell how useful different fabrics are for sun protection by measuring the Ultraviolet Protection Factor or 'UPF' rating.

Several tall buildings of various heights and shapes with reflective window panels cascading around all of the walls
20 June 2017

ARPANSA can measure the amount of UV radiation blocked out by transparent plastic films and all types of glass as well as transparent and translucent materials. Examples include automotive and building window tint films and polycarbonate roofing.

A folded white t-shirt with an attached ARPANSA UPF Certification Trade Mark swing tag.
20 June 2017

The UPF Certification Trade Mark is an Australian government trademark that is used to label sun protective clothing.

Series of triangular shade sails blocking sections of a cloudy sky.
20 June 2017

Shadecloth is a popular method of providing climate control in greenhouses and nurseries for plants and for providing shade for people outdoors. We operate a service for measuring the UV-visible transmission of shade materials.

Close up hands placing a pair of sunglasses into a large machine for testing.
20 June 2017

We test all common types of sunglass lenses and issue test reports to the Australian standard AS/NZS 1067.

A male scientist wearing a white lab coat and dark eye protecting glasses leans forward to adjust an ultraviolet radiation measuring device which is positioned to measure the ultraviolet radiation coming from a black light.
20 June 2017

We can assess natural and artificial UVR hazards in both public and occupational exposure situations using a variety of techniques and instruments.