The CEO has at their disposal a range of powers under the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Act 1998 (the Act) and Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Regulations 2018. This includes the ability to give a direction to controlled persons (section 41 of the Act), and to table reports directly in Parliament (section 61 of the Act). When such actions are taken, these must be tabled in Parliament either by the CEO of ARPANSA or its accountable Minister depending on the requirements of the Act. 1. 

Tabled in Parliament 26 February 2018: Report to Parliament - Radiation exposure of a worker at ANSTO Health, Lucas Heights on 22 August 2017

Tabled in Parliament 24 August 2018: 

Submitted to ARPANSA 5 October 2018: Independent Safety Review of the ANSTO Health Approach to Occupational Radiation Safety and Operational Procedures

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