The Australian Clinical Dosimetry Service (ACDS) is an independent dosimetry auditing program, providing quality assurance for radiation oncology providers and patients. Operating since February 2011, it covers 99% of Australian and selected New Zealand radiotherapy providers, offering a multi-level audit service on a four-year subscription basis.


NATA World Recognised Accreditation NATA Accredited Laboratory 14442

The ACDS is an ISO 17025 accredited audit service which offers dosimetry audits to meet: 

  • Radiation Oncology Alliance Practice Standards (Committee of RANZCR, ASMIRT, ACPSEM and CNSA) 
  • ROHPG (Australia) funding conditions 
  • Jurisdictional radiation license requirements 
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TROG (Trans-Tasman Radiation Oncology Group) & Clinical Trial Credentialling

ACDS audits may be used towards clinical trial accreditation for TROG trials. Requirements for each individual trial may vary and will be at the discretion of the trial physicist. Please contact for further information.


Global Harmonization Group

The ACDS is an observer member of the Global Quality Assurance of Radiation Therapy Clinical Trials Harmonization Group (GHG). The group consists of clinical trial quality assurance offices and auditing bodies around the world and aims to harmonise and improve clinical trial QA in radiation therapy worldwide.

IROC (Imaging and Radiation Oncology Core, Houston)

The ACDS and IROC Houston QA Center, have a Memorandum of Understanding of Mutual Recognition of dosimetric audit equivalence for the Level I OSLD audits. The agreement recognises technical equivalence and the frequency of both organisations’ OSLD mail out audit. In practice this means that a facility may provide ACDS Level I OSLD results where there is a requirement for an IROC OSLD audit (such as in a clinical trial). This agreement is maintained by regular intercomparisons of the mail out audit by the ACDS and IROC. 

Contact the ACDS:
03 9433 2220

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The Level I mail out audit is an independent measurement of linac output under reference conditions.
The Level Ib audit offers a more accurate measurement of the Linac output than the Level I audit. ACDS staff visit the facility and perform on-site measurements using ACDS dosimetry equipment.
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The Level II audit is a diagnostic test of the Treatment Planning System performance.
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The Level III audit is an end-to-end test of the radiotherapy treatment pathway.
The ACDS audit program is available via subscription and includes Level I, Level II and Level III audits.
The Clinical Advisory Group was assembled by the ACDS to provide technical support and advice to the ACDS.
The ACDS staff and external auditors.
The Australia and New Zealand datasets show the dose variation as measured by the ACDS in audits to date excluding follow up audits.
Publications relevant to the ACDS
In December 2020, the ACDS conducted a survey of its subscribers on respiratory motion management. The aim of the survey was to capture both what motion management techniques were used by each facility, as well as how the techniques were implemented practically.

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