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Australian Clinical Dosimetry Service

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The Australian Clinical Dosimetry Service (ACDS) is a national independent dosimetry auditing program, providing quality assurance for radiation oncology facilities and patients. The ACDS has been operating since February 2011, covering 100% of Australian and selected New Zealand radiotherapy facilities. We are accredited by NATA to ISO/IEC17025 under Performance and Approvals Testing. Our NATA accreditation number is 14442. The ACDS offers a multi-level audit service on a four year subscription basis.

Contact the ACDS: 

03 9433 2220

Setup for 6MV OSLD irradiation using a perspex block phantom.
20 June 2017

The Level I mail out audit is an independent measurement of linac output under reference conditions.

An ACDS auditor intensly focusing on setting up an ion chamber in a water tank for the Level Ib audit.
20 June 2017

The Level Ib audit offers a more accurate measurement of the Linac output than the Level I audit. ACDS staff visit the facility and perform on-site measurements using ACDS dosimetry equipment.

A female ACDS auditor setting up the 2D ion chamber array in the Level II solid water phantom.
20 June 2017

The Level II audit is a diagnostic test of the Treatment Planning System performance.

The ACDS Level III humanoid thorax phantom sitting on a reflective table with many cables emitting from the device.
20 June 2017

The Level III audit is an end-to-end test of the radiotherapy treatment pathway.

20 June 2017

The Clinical Advisory Group was assembled by the ACDS to provide technical support and advice to the ACDS.

20 June 2017

The ACDS staff and alumni.

20 June 2017

The Australia and New Zealand datasets show the dose variation as measured by the ACDS in audits to date excluding follow up audits.

20 June 2017

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