Library bookshelves with varying colours and sizes of books.
20 June 2017

Access to monthly surveys of literature relating to electromagnetic fields in the frequency range 0-300 GHz.

A doctor operating a CT scanner in a hospital.

The Australian National Diagnostic Reference Level Service (NDRLS) provides individual facilities with a tool for comparing their representative medical imaging patient dose metrics with the National Diagnostic Reference Levels (DRLs).

An empty primary school classroom with tables, chairs and a television mounted to the wall.
20 June 2017

ARPANSA has conducted a comprehensive measurement study of RF EME from Wi-fi in 23 schools throughout Victoria and New South Wales.

Top of a mobile phone base station tower over a clear blue sky.
20 June 2017

Radiated fields from cellular telephone base stations must comply with safety limits imposed by the Australian Communications Authority. In many cases this includes us preparing an Environmental EME Report.

Close-up of microwave focusing on buttons and timer which reads 5:16.
20 June 2017

Members of the public who believe they have suffered ill-effects as a result of exposure to EMR can lodge a written complaint to the EMR Health Complaints Register.

Casually dressed male and female scientists performing measurements in a field.
20 June 2017

ARPANSA coordinated a survey of environmental radio frequency electromagnetic energy (RF EME) levels arising from mobile phone base station antennas.

A bird’s eye view of a suburban street with trees lining the road and cars parked on the street.
20 June 2017

As a prelude to a survey of power frequency magnetic fields in Victorian homes we conducted a pilot survey of 30 randomly selected homes in metropolitan Melbourne during June – August 2004.