Radiation literature survey

Access to monthly surveys of literature relating to electromagnetic fields in the frequency range 0-300 GHz.

Wi-fi in schools measurement study

ARPANSA has conducted a comprehensive measurement study of RF EME from Wi-fi in 23 schools throughout Victoria and New South Wales.

ARPANSA environmental EME reports

Radiated fields from cellular telephone base stations must comply with safety limits imposed by the Australian Communications and Media Authority. In many cases this includes preparing an Environmental EME Report.

ARPANSA Base Station Survey 2007- 2013

ARPANSA coordinated a survey of environmental radio frequency electromagnetic energy (RF EME) levels arising from mobile phone base station antennas.

Survey of Residential Power Frequency Magnetic Fields

As a prelude to a survey of power frequency magnetic fields in Victorian homes we conducted a pilot survey of 30 randomly selected homes in metropolitan Melbourne during June – August 2004.

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