Nuclear Safety Committee

The role of the Nuclear Safety Committee is to advise the CEO and the Council on matters relating to nuclear safety and the safety of controlled facilities, including developing and assessing the effectiveness of standards, codes, practices and procedures.

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Membership of the NSC

The members of the committee appointed for the 2018–2020 triennium are:


  • Dr Tamie Weaver, Technical Director - Hydrogeology, environmental resources management consultancy


  • Dr Carl-Magnus Larsson

Radiation Health Committee representative:

  • Ms Fay Bellis, member of the Radiation Health Committee

Local Government representative:

  • Mr Ian Drinnan, Principal Environmental Scientist, Sutherland Shire Council

Person to represent the interests of the general public:

  • Dr Joanna Wriedt, experience in commercial law, government and medical research
    (Contact the NSC public representative)

Other members:

  • Ms Kerrie Christian, metallurgist with background in governance, safety and reliability
  • Mr Tony Irwin, engineer with experience in nuclear power and research reactor operations; commissioning; training and regulatory interaction
  • Dr John Loy, radiation protection and nuclear safety regulatory expert, with extensive experience internationally and in Australia
  • Mr Don Macnab, radiation protection and nuclear safety regulatory expert, with experience internationally and in Australia
  • Dr Peta Miller, consultant in safety management, ergonomics and human factors, and an academic at UNSW
  • Mr Stuart Parr, radiation protection advisor with experience in safety engineering and management including advice on nuclear regulatory compliance internationally.
  • Mr Peter Wilkinson, consultant in safety management and safety culture in hazardous industries