Scalar energy pendants and health

Wearing a Scalar Energy Pendant will increase your radiation exposure

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Scalar energy pendants are an alternative medicine product. The manufacturers of scalar energy pendants state that the pendants are made of volcanic materials and make claims of a number of health benefits, including improved circulation, improved stamina and improved flexibility. Similar pendants may also be labelled as quantum energy or quantum science.

What is the hazard?

Sample pendants ARPANSA has confirmed the presence of radioactive material in these pendants, in particular the naturally occurring radioisotopes of uranium‑238 and thorium-232. These pendants emit alpha, beta and gamma radiation. The alpha particles are mostly absorbed within the material and pose no threat to the health of the wearer. The beta particles from pendants worn close to the body will only penetrate a short distance into tissue, and will be mostly absorbed in the skin. The gamma particles emitted will penetrate over a large area of tissue.

ARPANSA has assessed that the whole body radiation dose to an individual wearing one of these pendants is likely to be low. The estimates of dose are considerably less than doses received by the Australian population from radiation found naturally in our environment.

However these products, in particular wearing pendants continuously, have the potential to give an elevated skin dose due to beta radiation exposure, and limiting exposure should be considered.

What should you do?

ARPANSA advises consumers that these items contain naturally occurring radioactive material that can result in additional radiation exposures that offer no established evidence-based benefits.

If you still wish to wear or use one these products it is advised to limit your skin dose via beta radiation exposure, by:

  • limiting the time you are in contact with or wear the product
  • increasing your distance from the product
  • wearing the pendant over clothing.

Consumers who stop wearing the pendants can safely dispose of them in the bin.