We offer a range of testing and calibration services.

A young boy playing with sand on a beach wearing a wide-brim hat, long-sleeve shirt and shorts.
This guide provides information about personal UV protection and to assist consumers in locating suppliers of products that claim to offer protection against solar ultraviolet radiation.
A panoramic shot of a warm and radiant setting sun in the sky.
Our UVR laboratory offers measurement services related to ultraviolet radiation protection including clothing and fabric testing, sunglass testing, shadecloth testing, window film testing, assessment of UVR hazards in the workplace and the calibration of instruments.
A haphazard pile of plastic containers designed to hold dosimeters used to calibrate radiotherapy equipment.
A national independent dosimetry auditing program, the Australian Clinical Dosimetry Service provides quality assurance for radiation oncology facilities and patients.
A closely cropped image showing the rubber-gloved hands of a scientist pouring seeds from a beaker into another beaker which is on a weight-measuring scale.
Our radioanalytical services provides regular radioactivity testing for samples of water, waste water, soil, sediment, food and surface wipes.
A happy confident female scientist leans forward to adjust a cable with her right hand which leads to a phantom used in calibrations of radiotherapy equipment.
We provide calibration services for instruments used to measure radiation in various commercial, medical and public sector applications.

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