We’ve developed free online Occupational Radiation Exposure material for all people working in medical facilities that use ionising radiation, for example those using X-rays, CT (computed tomography) and nuclear medicine.

The ORE modules provide useful information on occupational radiation protection and safety for everyone, ranging from staff in local medical imaging facilities through to those in our major hospitals. The material is tailorable by occupation (such as nurses, cleaners, radiologists) and by the level of involvement with radiation (for example, those in administration only need a limited amount of information, compared to staff in a nuclear medicine department).

The ORE modules are interactive, using contemporary adult learning principles and have been developed with extensive feedback from industry. They can be completed in 10 to 35 minutes depending on occupation and current roles. All medical imaging facility staff are encouraged to complete the ORE training as it provides a common understanding of the areas requiring attention and general reassurance about overall safety at a facility to all occupations.

The ORE training can be completed online with a certificate of completion. Downloadable SCORM and PDF versions are available for facility representatives.

To begin the training you can launch the online module.

If you're a facility representative (RSO, medical physicist etc.) there's an online trainer’s module with an additional navigation menu.

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