The Regulatory Services Branch of ARPANSA is located in the southern Sydney suburb of Miranda.

Our role is to independently regulate the use of radiation by Commonwealth entities. Regulatory activities include licensing, compliance, inspection and enforcement.

We support the Nuclear Safety Committee and promote, as appropriate, the use and implementation of international standards and risk assessments in radiation protection and nuclear safety throughout Australia (see International best practice).

We promote a national approach to the application of the Code of Practice for the Security of Radioactive Sources (RPS 11); supported by maintaining a national pool of accredited security advisors.

We support the ARPANSA Radiation emergency preparedness and response plans by providing specialist nuclear safety advice. We also work with state & territory and regional regulators to help them prepare emergency arrangements for nuclear and other radioactive materials.

The branch maintains the Australian Radiation Incident Register to which all radiation regulatory authorities report. Analysis of data in terms of technical, managerial, human and organisational perspectives allows us to provide feedback and guidance on preventing or limiting the consequences of radiation incidents and accidents.

Overall we play an important role in protecting the community and the environment from the harmful effects of radiation.

Two arrows beginning on the same path and then separating into different directions.
How we deal with the intersection of our regulatory responsibilities with our other functions.
Male points and looks toward device with metal components and cords, providing details to an onlooking Inspector.
We are responsible for licensing Commonwealth entities using radiation and for ongoing compliance monitoring of these entities.
Man conducting testing within a room full of machinery and wires.
Regulation of the use of radiation by Commonwealth entities is a duty imposed on our CEO by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety 1998 (the Act).

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