Occupational exposure

Advice on the types of radiation you may be exposed to working in different fields. 

Occupational exposure factsheets

Borehole logging workers

Dental workers

Emergency workers

Extremely low frequency electric and magnetic fields workers

Industrial radiography workers

Medical workers

Mineral sand mining and milling workers

Pregnant workers

Radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation (RF EMR) workers

Uranium mining and milling workers

Veterinary workers

Workers exposed to ultraviolet radiation

ARPANSA also hosts the Australian National Radiation Dose Register (ANRDR). This is a database designed to store and maintain radiation dose records for occupationally exposed workers. If your workers are exposed to radiation as part of their work, we encourage you to register your workplace with the ANRDR.

If you are already registered with us, you can request a personal radiation dose report free of charge. You can do this by completing this online form.