The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) is committed to maintaining a client-focused culture.

This Charter explains who we are and establishes the high standards of service that you can expect from us.

This Charter also provides information about how you can comment on our service including any compliments, complaints, or suggestions.

We welcome your feedback to assist us in continuously improving our service delivery.

Dr Gillian Hirth


ARPANSA, as part of the Health Portfolio, is the Commonwealth agency charged with responsibility for protecting the health and safety of people, and the environment, from the harmful effects of radiation.

Under the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Act 1998 (the Act) ARPANSA:

  • provides advice and services to the Australian community and Government on radiation protection, nuclear safety, security, and medical exposures to radiation, including related research
  • promotes national uniformity of radiation protection and nuclear safety policy and practices across the Australian Government, and states and territories
  • independently regulates the radiation sources, radiation facilities and nuclear installations of Commonwealth entities and contractors.

Values of ARPANSA

Our employees conduct their duties in accordance with the Australian Public Service Code of Conduct and the Australian Public Service Values. These are the foundation for our work and govern the way we relate to our stakeholders and to each other.

Whilst showing respect, professionalism, honesty, fairness and integrity we will:

  • be objective and impartial in our decision-making
  • be sensitive to the needs of others and to diverse beliefs and opinions
  • deal proficiently with our clients and our colleagues
  • be accessible and communicate clearly, and
  • be accountable and observe sound business practices in accordance with the Australian Public Service Act 1999 and other legislation.

Our clients and stakeholders

ARPANSA's clients and stakeholders (overseas as well as within Australia) include:

  • Ministers
  • Australian Government agencies
  • state, territory and local governments and agencies
  • people and bodies who use radiation in medicine, research and industry
  • environment protection bodies and international organisations
  • the public.

What you can expect from us

We are committed to delivering high-quality service.

Our staff are contactable during business hours by telephone, mail and in person, and will address requirements of the Act efficiently and within statutory timeframes.

We have specific standards for some of the services we provide (such as the Personal Radiation Monitoring Service, equipment calibration and testing and the Australian Clinical Dosimetry Service).

When liaising with you, we will:

  • identify ourselves and treat you with respect and courtesy
  • provide clear, accurate and timely information
  • inform you of, and explain, decisions that affect you including your rights and obligations
  • inform you and keep you updated if we are not able to meet agreed timeframes
  • tell you before commencing work if there is a fee for the services you have requested, provide an estimate of the overall fee and how long it may take
  • collect, store, use and disclose your personal information only in accordance with relevant Australian law
  • if we are not the most appropriate organisation to assist you, we will refer you to the one that is.

If you fax, email or write to us, we will:

  • reply to routine correspondence within 10 working days of receipt
  • aim to respond to more complex inquiries within 20 working days of receipt
  • include our name and contact details in our correspondence.

Accessibility of information

In line with the Government’s commitment to deliver all appropriate Australian Government services online, we ensure that major Agency publications and information is accessible on our website and in a readily printable format.

We will acknowledge freedom of information requests within 14 calendar days from date of receipt and provide a decision within 30 calendar days from date of receipt.

In recognising the diverse needs of our clients we:

  • make our documents and procedures straightforward
  • ensure our public information is easily accessible
  • will work to improve access for those with particular needs.

Your rights and responsibilities

Apart from being treated in a professional and impartial manner at all times, you have the right to:

  • your personal information being treated in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988
  • request access to information under the Freedom of Information Act 1982.

You can help us to provide you with the best available service by:

  • checking whether the information you need is on our website before phoning or emailing us
  • treating our staff with courtesy and respect
  • being open and honest in your dealings with us
  • giving us timely, accurate and complete information so we can process your request more efficiently
  • advising us of your contact information and any previous reference numbers
  • making yourself aware of, and ensuring that you comply with, relevant legislative requirements
  • providing feedback and comments on the quality of our services
  • making any necessary facilities available within a reasonable timeframe and/or within statutory requirements.

Compliments and complaints

Your feedback on our performance is valuable to us. If you have feedback, we would be pleased to know if:

  • you are happy with our service
  • you feel we are not meeting our service commitments to you, and/or
  • you have ideas on how we can improve our service to you.

For all feedback received, we will acknowledge all compliments, complaints and suggestions that require a response or action within two business days of receipt.

If you have a complaint, you should first contact the area you have been dealing with to resolve the problem.

When we receive a complaint:

  • we will investigate your complaint
  • we will reply within 10 working days of receipt of your complaint, or inform you of progress in resolving the complaint if it is more complex
  • if we are at fault we will provide a solution to prevent it happening again.

If the complaint has not been resolved with the area you have been dealing with, you can contact:

Compliments and Complaints
Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency
619 Lower Plenty Road
Yallambie VIC 3085, Australia
1800 022 333

External review

ARPANSA is held accountable through the courts, tribunals, Parliament and the Commonwealth Ombudsman for our actions in relation to the laws we administer and enforce.

Service complaints

If you are unhappy with the outcome of your complaint about our service, or you feel that your complaint has not been dealt with satisfactorily, please contact the:

Commonwealth Ombudsman
1300 362 072

Administrative decisions

This Charter deals with the quality of service we provide. If you are not satisfied with an administrative decision that affects you (for example, an unsuccessful licence application), you may have the right to seek a review of the decision. You will be notified of any rights of review and appeal when you are advised of the administrative decision.

Review of the charter

We are interested in your views about our service and our Service Charter. If you would like to make any suggestions on ways to improve our service or Charter, please contact us at

We will review this charter on a regular basis in consultation with clients, stakeholders and staff.

Our performance against this charter is incorporated into the ARPANSA Annual Report.

Further information

Our website contains a wide range of information about our organisation, the regulatory and licensing scheme we administer, and advice on ionising radiation (such as CT scans) and non-ionising radiation (such as mobile phones and UV).

If you are unable to find what you are looking for additional information can be made available on request.


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 Melbourne619 Lower Plenty Road, Yallambie VIC 3085, Australia
 SydneyPO Box 655, Miranda NSW 1490, Australia
General Enquiries 
 Phone:1800 022 333 or +61 2 9541 8333

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